FREE Catholic Books

Are you looking for some good Catholic books to read??  If so, I found an amazing list of free books. Most of these traditional Catholic books are available in PDF format and some are audio books.  They even have some in

Don’t Miss this Deal!

Have I got a deal for you!! I’ve got a Deal of the Day going on over at Teachers Notebook.  This one is just in time for Valentine’s Day.  You can grab my “The Greatest Commandment Worksheets and Activities BUNDLE”

BF2CM Gift Card Giveaway

Are you ready to win a $10 gift card for TPT?? If so, enter my giveaway with 4 chances to win!! This giveaway will run until midnight 28 November and you have 4 chances to win.  All you have to

Black Friday to Cyber Monday

It’s time for a sale and it goes from Black Friday to Cyber Monday….and beyond!! Every item in every store or shop will be on sale for this event.  Each of them will be a little different, so please keep

And the Winner is….

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who entered the drawing for the TPT gift cards. I’m so happy with the response and I hope that you all have a wonderful back to school!! Now, for the winners!! The


One of the plans that I have for the upcoming school year is to share more photos of my products in use. I typically post pictures on Instagram or my other social media, but I’d like for you, my readers,

A Celebration for a Friend

I “met” this lovely lady in the TPT forums when she was in need of some help. We hit it off and although we don’t talk often or see each other in person, she’s someone that I enjoy and look

Currently: April 2016

I’m finally back!! It’s still early in April and I’ve been as busy as can be. I guess you can call me a “busy bee” since it’s Spring and I’m constantly buzzing around!! It’s time for “Currently”, so here’s my

Hello to My New World!

It was time for change and improvements, so here it is!!  This is my new blog and this is where you can find me from now on.  You’ll find everything that you used to find at The Schoolhouse, but now