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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Link-Up

I’ve been thinking for a long time about what kind of linky I could do to showcase my products, but not be forcing them down my readers throats, so to speak.  I participate in some well-planned link-up and very much enjoy them, so I wanted mine to be the exact same way.  I finally came up with an idea!!

Let me introduce “Yesterday, Today”, and Tomorrow” to you….

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow at The Schoolhouse

For this linky, a product from the past is featured under “yesterday”.  These can be updated products, new covers, and so on.  Featured under “today” will be an item that was recently uploaded and this is an introduction to it.  “Tomorrow” is a featured spot for something that is being worked on.  It’s a ‘sneak peak’ of something that is coming.  Oh, and if you want to, you can just choose one of these to post about!!

I’ll post the link-up to this every month.  I don’t want to set a date, because if I get busy or something comes up, then it seems like it’s not going to be posted.  So, instead I’m going to go with a date range of the 20th to 25th of each month it’ll be posted.  The linky will remain open until the 19th of the next month.  Anyone is welcomed to join in at any time during that period!!

The rules….

  1.  Join any time during the month.
  2. Use the template provided below or just type up your own blog post (or post on social media).
  3. Add images and/or text to the template to show off your products.  Feel free to include additional descriptions in your blog post.
  4. Use the link directly to your blog post (or perma link in social media) when you link-up.
  5. Please use the button above to link to the newest “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” post or use the code link to back to this page of my blog.  A text link is also alright to use.
  6. Check out what others are posting who are linking up and leave a comment.

Most importantly….

Have fun and enjoy yourself!!



YesterdayTodayTomorrow LinkyTemplate byTheSchoolhouse
Click to enlarge for full size template.

To use this template, save the image to your computer.  Then, insert it into a program like Word or PPT.  You can then add text boxes and images over the template in the spaces provided.  After that, save or print as a PNG or JPG.  You can then add it to your blog post so that others linking up can view it and check out your products.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Also, I’ll work on uploading an editable PDF so that you can just add the text you want.  If I do that though, you will not be able to add images of your products or product covers.



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