Religious Incentives

Do you use incentives or rewards in your class or homeschool? There are several ways that you can reward kids for doing such as behavior, completing homework, memorizing verses, or other things.


In my religious education class (CCD), I use Bible Bucks.  These come in the same amounts that our currency comes in, with a couple extras.  Students can earn Bible Bucks for returning their folder to class each week, doing homework, and other such matters.  Usually about every 3 weeks I let the kids shop in the Gospel Store.

Most of the items in the Gospel Store are things that I purchase at Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree.  I try to find toys and items related to the Bible.  I’ve had items like small stuffed animals such as a whle for Jonah and the Whale or Bible story books.  I price the items for sale by size and the biggest is no more than 5 Bible Bucks and the smallest would be 1 Bible Buck.  I store the pieces in containers that I get at Dollar Tree and tag each bin with the price of that the objects in that bin.

Oriental Trading also has lot of sets of small Chrisitan toys and novelties.  These not only work great in the Gospel Store, but they’re also perfect for the Treasure Chest.

Incentives are a fantastic tool in the classroom or at home to reward the kids.  It encourages them to keep working hard and to be responsible.  It’s always fun to watch them shop in the Gospel Store and in my class, they love to keep up with how many Bible Bucks that they’ve saved.

If you’d like to use the Bible Bucks that I’ve made, please click the image below for more information or just add them to your cart.  Only the bundle is shown below, but it’s a saving of 20% off the individual sets (color/bw)!


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What do You See in Church?

Teaching kids about what they’ll see inside the church when they attend mass is so important.  I have some worksheets and activities that can help teach or review what they’ll see inside the church!

To make it easier for little ones to understand what is going on during mass, it’s vital that they understand the items that they will see while there.  Use the pages as you walk around church explaining the items or after a tour of the church.  This will help them to feel more comfortable and know their way around the church.

To get elementary kids to participate in mass or even become altar servers, it’s key for them to know all the components used during mass and what they’ll see and use in church.  Their understanding of these items will allow them to be interested on what’s going on during the mass.

Have the kids match up the name of the item found inside the church to that item.

For big kids, you want to keep them coming to mass and being able to understand the elements used during mass or just seen inside the church makes them feel more welcomed.

Take the kids to church and write down the items that they can identify in church and on the sheet.

The more kids know about what they’ll see in church and used during mass, the more interested and happy they will be.  It increases their participation.

You can find these worksheet and activity packs in my Shop to help teach or review the items found inside the church (click on each image to view what’s included in each pack or add to your cart here)….



You can also find these games….


I hope this helps and gives you some ideas to help the kids understand what’s inside the church!




Advent is on Sale!

Advent is just around the corner and I have a couple activities to help you prepare the kids for this special time of the year.

For today ONLY, you can get “Advent Activity Pack for Early Learners” and “Advent Activity Pack 2” are on sale for 40% off.  Please head over to Teachers Notebook to grab them on 2 December at this special price.  Advent begins on 4 December, so this is perfect timing so that you can teach your kids all about Advent and the time for preparing and waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Here are the Advent packs that are full of activities….

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I hope that you have a very blessed Advent season and that these will help your kids learn and understand this very special time of the year!




God Made Me….

Last week, my class and my daughter’s class worked on a lesson for creation.  She did a cut and paste worksheet that I made.  Here are some pictures of her kids working on the page and enjoying it!


Cut and Paste….

All done!

It is read like God gave me ears to listen to his creation and God gave me a heart to love his creation.  So this page covers the 5 senses as used in creation and makes learning about it fun!

If you’re interested in this cut and paste worksheet, that also include the answer key, you can get it by signing up for my newsletter.  It’s an exclusive for subscribers and you’ll receive the password to enter the “For Subscribers” page with your first newsletter.




Church Bulletins for Kids

Are you looking for bulletins for children?  If so, I think I have some items that can help you.  All of these can be used for homework, mass activity, children’s church bulletin, and more!  I have purchased and used all these books in my class or in my daughter’s class.  If you’re interested in any of the books, just click on the cover to see more about it.

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my full disclosure policy here.

The Liturgy of the Word with Children

This book is by Katie Thompson and covers Years A, B, and C for the liturgical cycle.  It is geared toward ages 5-8.  There are 392 pages in this book and it also includes a music CD.  For each mass, there are 2 pages.  One has the gospel and reflection, then the second page is an activity for the gospel.

Step by Step

This book is by Katie Thompson and goes along with the gospels for every Sunday of the three-year Lectionary.  Also included are major feasts of the liturgical year.  The sheets are for ages 4-7.  There is 376 pages.  The activity sheets are double-sided with pictures to color and complete, drawing activities, and simple puzzles.  They can be used to to produce a children s newsletter or include them in the parish newsletter or magazine; use them in religion classes, parish groups, or at school.  It has a companion book, Footprints in Faith.

Footprints in Faith

This book is by Katie Thompson and is a companion to Step by Step.  This book is for ages 7-12 and is for every Sunday of the three-year Lectionary cycle.  It also includes major feasts of the liturgical year.  There are 376 pages in this book.  Each sheet is double-sided and includes pictures and number puzzles, word games, quizzes and codes.  They are great for are ideal for use by catechists, teachers, group leaders, and parents for religion classes, parish groups, or at school.

The Complete Children’s Liturgy Book: Liturgies of the Word for Years A, B, C

This book is by Katie Thompson and includes 344 pages.  For each mass, there are 2 pages.  The first page includes an introduction, a “sorry prayer”, the gospel reading for the day, points for discussion, an activity, and a closing prayer.  The second page is the activity for that gospel.  This book covers Years A, B, and C for the liturgical cycle.

I have all the books shown above. I do not own the ones below, but I plan on purchasing them or feel that they’re relevant to this subject. Because I don’t own them, I can’t speak for the quality or exactly what’s included other than the description.

The Complete Children’s Liturgy Book

This book is by Katie Thompson and Jennifer Carter.  It is a comprehensive program for every Sunday of the Lectionary.  The book contains 350 pages.  I think that this is an earlier version of The Complete Children’s Liturgy Book listed above.

Another great source is Catholic Kids Bulletin.  They offer a bulletin for mass each week.  Do you have a favorite source or activity to keep kids busy during mass or to do as homework when they attend mass?  If so, please share it in the comments!




Celebrate with Us!

I’m inviting you all to come celebrate with us (my hubby and I)!!


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Objects in Church and for Mass

This week, we worked on what’s inside the church. Next week, we’ll go tour the church and Father will have items for mass set-up for the kids. This all leads up to the week after when we attend mass for Ash Wednesday. I do lots of prep because of many of the kids, this is the first or only time attending mass, especially for the little ones.

I start by talking about the things that they can see outside and as they walk into the church. This is a great book for discussing the different objects in church….

I then discuss several objects with them.  We do a fun activity of matching items that we’d see in church or not see in church.  Sometimes they circle the items or color the items that they see in church.  This time, we drew a line from the object to the church.

You could also simply place an “X” through items not found in church.

Next, we work on tracing the names of some of the objects in church.

Finally, we do a cut and paste activity. I had them color the church and then they were told to color the objects that they would find in the church. We should have cut them out and then glued them onto the church, but we ran out of time!!









You can find the pages that we worked on in the What’s Inside the Church Worksheet Pack in my shop.

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You can also see my new expanded pack, What’s Inside the Church 2 Worksheet & More Pack for older kids to learn about the objects in church and used during mass and it’s exclusive to my shop.  

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Best of 2016

I want to thank ALL of you for all your support during 2016. I couldn’t do what I do or do what I love if it wasn’t for you. It doesn’t matter if you just follow along on my blog or your purchase from The Treasured Schoolhouse, I’m here all because of each of you!!

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  2.   This is a set of coloring booklets for little and big kids.  This is the Catholic version.  The ones for the little ones are in easy to understand words, while the ones for the big kids are worded from the Bible.
  3.   On the list at number 3 is an Advent Activity Pack for Early Learners.  This pack has lots of things for the kids to do to learn and review Advent.  It can be used all through the Advent season.  It was created in 2014 and expanded with even more activities in 2015.
  4.   This pack focuses on things found in the Catholic church, but could be used for other faiths.  It’s good for a variety of ages/grades for the most common things found in church during mass.
  5.   This prayer pack is for the Apostles’ Creed and contains many activities for this Catholic prayer.  Some of the pages included are copywork sheets, posters, a coloring page, and more!!  The poster comes in a color and black & white version.

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Spectacular Christmas

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Last night was the first night back to class. I was excited to meet my new kiddos and get back to religious education.

I always start with creation because well, that’s where we  started.  So much time is spent on rules, what’s expected, homework, prayers, and so on, that the lesson needs to be fairly simple.  I break creation down over a couple of lessons and classes.  Yesterday, I read the story of creation to them from the Bible.  I stop after each day to review what was created that day.

Then, we did a cut & paste worksheet that I made for class.  It’s a mat that has each day and what was created on it.  So they start off by coloring what was created each day.

Lots of colors and no scribbling allowed!!

Next, we cut out all the different days.

Good scissors skills!!

Then, we glued them onto the mat and placed them in their boxes.

We love our glue sponges!!
Glue them into their proper days!!

Here’s the final project!!

All done!!
So happy with our first project!!

The kids had a blast!!  I have a freebie for you, so that your kids can have a blast as well.  If you click on the image below, you can download the simple color version of this project.  I hope that the kids enjoy!!


Also, this project is available for purchase in my shop.  It’s available in color and black & white, plus it has a little bit “fancier” borders on the mat.  If you’re interested in purchasing this creation activity worksheet, please just click here to view this exclusive item or just click below to add it to your cart.

NOTE:  This is the Catholic version based on the New American Standard (Revised Edition).  This is the Bible that I use in my classroom….






NOTE:  This post contains affiliate links and if you click on any of them and make a purchase, I will make a small commission.

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Christmas in July large

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Merry Christmas in July Shopping!!