Recover a Lost Blog Post

Have you ever done a blog post and then lost it?  There’s number reasons why one might lose their blog post.  I just had it happen to me recently and the reason why was because I had to do a restore of my blog.  That’s fine in itself, but I went back further than that particular blog post date.

Here are a couple tips in case you ever need to recover a blog post:

Post Revisions

The first method is to check your post revisions.  If your blog post is there, you should be able to go back and look at the revisions.  Select the revision that you want and save your blog post.

RSS Feed

Check your RSS feed to see if it’s saved there.  You could find the whole post, which you could copy/paste into a “new” post.  Save it at the original post date and time.  When I lost my post I tried this, but all my feeds (Bloglovin’, RSS Reader, and another one) only had excerpts of my post.


Do you send a newsletter to your subscribers?  If so and it contains your blog posts, you just might be in luck.  You can copy/paste it from there, then save it with the original time and date.  Unfortunately for me, my newsletter is set-up with my RSS feed but it only shares excerpts in the newsletter.


Check out a site like the Wayback Machine  to see if your blog or post is archived there.  Unless you have a popular blog, you likely won’t find it here.


This was my last resort and what finally worked!  If you know the URL of your lost blog post, type it into the Google search.  Click on the drop arrow and select “cached”.  If it was saved, hopefully you’ll find it here.  I found my complete post, so I did a copy/paste into a new blog post.  I then dated it to the original time and date and saved.  

I hope that you never “lose” a blog post, but if you do, maybe this will help!  Most of these procedures can also work on lost blog or site pages as well.