Summer and Construction Tools FREEbie

Hello my wonderful readers and followers! I know, I’ve been gone for awhile again. I’m probably one of the worst bloggers. I have good intentions and then life happens. The only thing that I now want to do is to TRY to blog more and give you all something to actually read.  Summer is here, so I’m going to put my best foot forward in this challenge!

I do come back bearing gifts though!  I have a FREEbie printable that you can download for a construction theme in your classroom or at home.  There are 20 word cards featuring construction tools.   This is a “write the room” activity with 3 differentiated writing sheets.  The writing sheets are 2 different styles of lines and 1 with the images of the tools.

If you’d like to download this FREEbie, just click on the cover image above.  I hope to see you more often.

Enjoy your summer!


Graphing and Tallying the Nativity

Today is the 11th post of Nativity A Day and it’s moving right along.  I actually made this one during some free time last night, but by the time it was done, I was too tired to actually post it!!

Today’s Nativity A Day freebie is a set of graphing worksheets.  For the first one, there are different elements from the nativity on a chart and they will need to right down the points where each element is.  I provided an answer key for this so that they can self-check if desired.

The next two activities require a the die that elements of the nativity on it.  Each time it’s rolled, they will either tally or color in the chart for which element it lands on.  There’s no answer key for the graphing or tallying because answers will vary each time.

Nativity images © Stockberry Studio used with permission.

Here’s  a thumbnail view of the worksheets….

If you’re interested in today’s nativity worksheets, please just…..

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